Bubble Gum Simulator codes are an excellent way to increase your chances of getting something good from the game’s gacha system.

While you won’t get free pets in Bubble Gum Simulator from codes, you will get significant increases in luck and hatch speed. We’ll keep our code list up to date, so check back regularly for more.

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What are Bubble Gum Simulator codes?

The game’s developer distributes codes on a fairly regular basis through their social media channels. Each month usually sees a few new codes. While most of them don’t expire, the rarer ones — codes for pets, for example — don’t last long.

Either way, these Bubble Gum Simulator codes mean you don’t have to buy in-game boosts, which removes some of the game’s grind and helps make it more fun. As with most boosts, the time limits on these only run while you’re in the game. If you leave the game, you’ll still have however much time remained before you exited.

How to redeem Bubble Gum Simulator codes

Redeeming codes in Bubble Gum Simulator is similar to other Roblox games with codes. Find the Twitter icon, and select that. Enter the code where it says “Code Here,” choose “Enter,” and you’ll receive your rewards.

All working Bubble Gum Simulator codes

These are the working Bubble Gum Simulator codes updated as of June 2021.

Bubble Gum Simulator codes Bubble Gum Simulator codes
Code Reward
glitch 2x Luck
Update75 2x Hatch speed
Update74 2x Hatch speed
Colorful 3x Shiny chance
SylentlyBest 2x Hatch speed
BlizzyrdBest 2x Luck
Thanks 3x Shiny chance
Update51 Extra Luck
Update52 Extra Luck
Update53 Extra Luck
Update54 Extra Luck
Update55 Extra Luck
Update56 Extra Luck
Update57 Extra Luck
Update58 Extra Luck
Update59 Extra Luck
Update56 Extra Luck
hiddenvideocode 2x Luck
Update73 2x Hatch speed
StPatrickLuck Extra Luck
Royalty Extra Hatch speed
SantaClaus Extra Hatch speed
Update66 Extra speed
Ghosts Extra Hatch speed
Mushroom Extra Luck
BriteJuice Extra Luck

Expired Bubble Gum Simulator codes

If you’re trying to enter a code and it doesn’t work, it’s probably one of these.

Expired Bubble Gum Simulator codes Expired Bubble Gum Simulator codes
Code Code
Secret Pet Toy Serpent
FreeDominusPet Spookivus
FreeEgg Spotted Egg
TwitchRelease TwitchKitty
TwitterRelease Twitter Dog

We’ve got plenty of additional Roblox lists for free codes too. Check out our lists of King Legacy and Blox Fruits codes for quick ways to power up your party.

If you need something a bit more cuddly and laid back, though, our Adopt Me! pets list has every cuddly critter you can find and how to get them.

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