All of the best Back 4 Blood cards

Want to know what all of the best cards are in Back 4 Blood? The Back 4 Blood release date isn’t far off, and there’s a lot of buzz surrounding the co-op shooter thanks to a successful closed beta that surpassed Warframe and TF2’s player count. One of the key mechanics is building a deck, and while the best Back 4 Blood characters help steer your deck towards an archetype, it’s the cards themselves that make up the bread and butter of your Back 4 Blood builds.

There are two types of decks that you can make in either the campaign or Spawn multiplayer mode. Cards are earned by spending Supply Points – obtained by completing missions in the campaign or from the Supply Line tracks in Spawn mode.

If we’re not counting the Corruption cards that the AI issues as an extra challenge for each level, there are 152 active cards you can put into decks in the beta. We’ll be going over which Back 4 Blood cards are the best for your play style, and any potential combos that you should take advantage of.

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