All GTA Auto Shop locations in the Los Santos Tuners update

Want to know the locations of the Auto Shops in GTA Online? The Los Santos Tuners update introduces 17 new GTA Los Santos Tuners cars to the game, prize ride challenges, and five Auto Shops to purchase. Auto Shops are a new business in GTA Online, allowing you to sell vehicles in five different locations. Customers send their requests for highly customised cars to your business, and you build and deliver these cars to earn some extra cash.

Purchasing your own Auto Shop also allows you to take on contracts from the job board, though you don’t need to purchase a business just to access the contracts. You also have access to permanently discounted vehicle modifications once you own your Auto Shop, as well as free classic respray colours and crew mods.

You can’t purchase an Auto Shop until you join the GTA LS Car Meet; once you’ve met Mimi and have explored the warehouse, the option should become available right away. Experienced GTA Online players can use the Auto Shop space to display up to ten cars in the garage.

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