All 60 of 4X game Humankind’s cultures have been revealed

Humankind may not be releasing until August, but there are still plenty of things to talk about while we wait, especially cultures. Unlike Firaxis’ Civilization series, Humankind offers the player a choice in every era about which culture they want to play as, taking what is arguably one of Civ’s most strategic decisions and making it a recurring choice throughout a single playthrough.

You may start off as Phoenician, but who will you end up as by the end of the game? Americans? Turks? Speaking of which, Amplitude has recently finished revealing what the Contemporary era culture choices will be. This is the final phase in Humankind, and appears to be some kind of fusion of the Atomic and Information eras from Civilization VI, which loosely covers the time period from the Second World war till today.

With the final ten cultures revealed, that means all 60 of the 4X game’s options – across all six eras – are now known. One user on Reddit has compiled them all into one handy table, so you can see all the choices, what their focus is, as well as the unique unit, quarter, and legacy traits.

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