Age of Empires 4 Rus civilisation guide

While the Rus aren’t the most difficult Age of Empires 4 civilisation, they have more unique content than most of the other launch factions. A unique resource drop-off point, their own version of the outpost, not to mention three unique units, means the Rus are better able to exploit their particular niche for maximum effect, without requiring you to re-learn how to play the game.

The Hunting Cabin is the lynchpin of the Rus economy – it replaces the Mill, and food can still be dropped off at it, but it can also generate gold depending on how many trees are nearby, although this rate will decrease if there are too many other cabins nearby. It can also produce scouts, and houses technologies to improve food production.

Beyond that, they are another defensive-focused civilisation, more-so perhaps than the English as they have access to stronger palisades and gateways. They also have some naval focused bonuses as well – one of their unique units is a ship, and Rus fishing boats don’t need to drop off their food haul at a dock. Let’s take a look at their abilities in more detail.

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