Age of Empires 4 English civilisation guide

The English are one of the most straightforward Age of Empires IV civilisations, in that Relic has stated in the past they were designed in a way that closely matches civ design in past Age of Empires games. This means they should be one of the more familiar civs for player’s of past games to try out, and indeed they are rated one out of three stars on the in-game difficulty tracker.

The English as a culture emerged as Anglo-Saxon and Norman heritage mixed together, and in-game they specialise in agriculture and defence. Their unique unit is the Longbowman, but they also get access to the Vanguard Men-at-Arms heavy infantry in the Dark Age, giving them a powerful early game advantage over other civs.

Their age-up process is straightforward, with their options during each age essentially representing stronger versions of either Keeps or Town Centers, with only one or two niche picks in the entire range. Let’s take an overview of their special abilities, along with general hints and tips on how they play as a faction.

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