Age of Empires 4 Abbasid Dynasty civilisation guide

The Abbasid Dynasty is another more experimental Age of Empires IV civilisations. They don’t completely veer away from the standard civ design like the Mongols do, but neither is their design geared towards standard play with differing strengths and weaknesses like the English.

Instead, their design is more like the Chinese, where there’s a single major change that means you will need to adapt how you play in order to pilot them properly. As such, they are only rated two out of three stars on the in-game difficulty rating.

The way the Abbasid Dynasty advances through the ages is completely different – instead of building landmarks whenever you want to age up, you instead build one landmark in the Dark Age – the House of Wisdom. Not only does this building house many of the faction’s unique technology options, but you also advance through the ages by building additional ‘wings’. You can choose between, economic, military, culture, and trade, and these can be built in any order as you age up.

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