AGDQ 2022 includes Stardew Valley in 20 minutes and blindfolded Sekiro

Games Done Quick, the twice-annual charity speedrunning event, will once again be bringing us a dose of speedily-beaten games this coming January. Event organisers have revealed the full game list for AGDQ 2022, and from Actraiser to Zadette there are a load of fun runs on the schedule, and fans of everything from farming games to bomb defusal simulations will find something satisfying.

Some of the big PC games on the list include Sekrio: Shadows Die Twice, which will be completed blindfolded in a two hour, forty-five minute estimate by Mitchriz. We’re also getting a full Stardew Valley community center restoration – one accomplished through glitches – in 20 minutes, courtesy of runner Olenoname.

Deathloop, which you may know as our first 10/10 game in two years, will be completed in under 25 minutes, and we’re getting an all boss race through Dark Souls between Danflesh and Ecdycis. For something completely different, Procyon will be taking on Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes’ giant Centurion bomb in just over an hour.

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