A Skyrim roleplayer asks: Can a Whiterun guard be a hero, too?

Ah, Skyrim’s Whiterun guards. The bearers of so many of the fantasy game’s now-iconic stock phrases, and the butt of so many memes as a result. They’ll usually give dragon bashing a good go if one swoops near, but they’re not exactly typical Dovahkiin material – or perhaps they are. One Skyrim fan has certainly been keen to find out, setting out on a journey in-game to see if the humble Whiterun guard can be a hero, too.

It seems the (potentially) fateful journey started a few days ago when aptly named Redditor WhiterunGuards posted an image of their aspiring guard – clearly from Skyrim’s Whiterun hold, as denoted by the mustard yellow garb and his shield’s horse head insignia – declaring their intent. “No more lollygaggin’ – time to find out if I really am Dragonborn,” the guard announces, with a meme thrown in for fun, of course.

Since then, our hero has been travelling to High Hrothgar, home of the Greybeards, to answer the call of the Voice – to find out if they’re the chosen one, the Dragonborn poised to save Skyrim. He’s even got a wee little backpack on. Awh. There have been clips of the guard’s trek up the mountain, where he battles frost trolls, and update posts giving us a sense of his journey.

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