This really cool handheld contains a PS2 motherboard, which essentially allows you to play PS2 games on the go.

Created by console modder GingerOfOz who built the Game Boy-sized portable Wii, the PS2 Eclipse runs on a trimmed-down PS2 motherboard.

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Along with custom circuits boards, the motherboard was inserted into a 3D printed casing. It was then fitted with PlayStation Vita buttons, joysticks from a Switch, and given a 5-inch 480p display.

The handheld also features speakers, a headphone jack, and a battery life indicator.

It sounds super cool, but it’s not perfect.

As The Verge notes, because games load slowly off a USB drive, it can cause games to stutter, and load times are apparently super slow. It also sometimes has a hard time detecting an attached controller, and some games refuse to load.

Unlike the portable Wii he created, GingerOfOz has no plans to make these in bulk and sell them off.

You can read about the technical aspects and how the PS2 Eclipse works over on his blog.

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