A Fortnite Chris Hemsworth movie skin may be coming to settle a bet

If a leaked skin from Fortnite’s latest update is correct, the popular online shooter may inexplicably get a crossover with Extraction – a Chris Hemsworth Netflix movie from last year – which may be entirely to settle a bet between Epic and the directors of Avengers: Endgame.

Fortnite is home to all sorts of crossovers, from DC Comics to v bucks generator to even Street Fighter, but usually the franchise being referenced is either popular or timely. For example, this Summer’s Ryan Reynolds movie Free Guy is getting a skin in the game, which is weird but at least the film is this month – but dataminers have uncovered another skin within the Free Guy update’s files which is even more baffling.

The leak, spotted by a number of Fortnite dataminers including @shiinabr, shows a new skin called “Dusty” in the game’s files – showing what appears to be military fatigues with tattooed arms. This skin matches exactly with Tyler Rake (Chris Hemsworth), the main character from the 2020 Netflix movie Extraction.

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