Grand strategy game Imperator: Rome gets large modpack that will keep the torch alive

Active development on grand strategy game Imperator: Rome may have been halted for the time being, but that doesn’t mean the community itself has moved on. The Imperator: Rome mod scene is small, but today it’s come through for the strategy game […]

Welcome the world’s first PC cooled by magnetized bellows The DIY Perks breathing PC, with bellows cooling system

Ever considered a more experimental method of cooling your PC components? What about a PC that breathes? With CPUs and GPUs running ever hotter, innovative techniques like this may just be the next step in hardware evolution. Though there are […]

Square Enix, please stop using terrible fonts in classic game remasters. I’m begging you

What is it with Square Enix and messing up the most simple elements of remasters of its classic game catalog? Watch on YouTube After a laughably weak-handed E3 reveal of the Final Fantasy 1-6 Pixel Remasters, yesterday Square Enix unceremoniously […]