11 cool indie PC games you can’t miss in August

We’re finding it harder and harder to keep these monthly lists of upcoming indie games down to a digestible number of entries, which we’re taking as a sign that 2021 is really kicking into gear. Triple-A is still dormant, readying itself for the holidays – although it’s worth flagging that both New World and Humankind are due out this month – but there’s still a glut of goodies arriving on PC thanks to the indie scene.

Variety is easy to come by in August’s release calendar, but there are a couple of trends on this list that’ll suit genre fans. Firstly, there are a few overtly cute games running the gamut of farming RPGs, monster battlers, friendship simulators, and park management games. There are also plenty of historical settings to explore this month, with mob managers, feudal city builders, and Viking brawlers among the brightest prospects.

So, whether you’re looking to further bolster your Steam backlog or just want to support some awesome developers, here are eleven of the most exciting indie games coming to PC in August.

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