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PANDORA Gold Heart Ring 190925CZ sale 72521UJ1

Pandora Gold Heart Ring 190925CZ

11 shares that can afford the dividends they pay So far this year five FTSE 100 shares Tesco, Centrica, Severn Trent, Tullow Oil and Morrisons have taken the axe to their dividends.

Other big names could follow five doubtful dividend stocks and the Isa funds avoiding them.Other companies which previously featured high in income portfolios are disappearing in mega mergers such as the one announced this week between Shell and BG Group.Yet savers have rarely had such cause to turn to shares for income. Not only are returns on other assets at record lows, but a generation of retirees freed under new pension rules from having to buy an annuity is set to manage their own money through retirement with the object of investing for income.Respected fund managers, such as George Godber, who oversees the fund, are already looking further afield for income generating stocks.of the traditional payers are not generating enough cash to meet both the costs of debt and dividends, Mr Godber said.All income seeking investors, professional or private, need to screen potential holdings on the basis of whether their dividends are sustainable or at risk.We asked Stockopedia to screen all of the 700 odd shares listed on Britain FTSE All Share index.Firstly, shares had to yield 3pc or above. To exclude very small firms, we removed companies with a market cap of under 500m. This left around 100 shares.Each one also had to have a cover of two and the one year dividend cover also had to be two or above. That cut the list of qualifying stocks to just 11.Dividend cover is seen as the golden rule to check whether a dividend is safe or vulnerable. The cover score shows the degree to which the dividend payment where can you buy a pandora bracelet is exceeded by the company reported profits. The measure is forward looking, based on analyst forecasts.Shares that have a dividend cover score below one are likely to be paying out more in dividends than they earn, and are thus less safe.Unless their circumstances anniversary pandora charm improve, these companies will have no option but to dip into the dividend pot in the near future. Kevin Murphy, who manages the Schroder Income fund (see page 12), said these overpayments can ultimately end up the business because they lose the ability to reinvest profits.we buy an income share one of the most important factors we question is whether the dividend payments will end up strangling the business. Some businesses hand back more than they can afford to satisfy shareholders, but this can be damaging to the company longer term growth prospects.fix the problem and get growth back on track the first thing that will go is the dividend, Mr Murphy added.In contrast, companies with a dividend cover score of two or above, are seen asBen Hobson of Stockopedia said: crucial to check how sustainable the dividend is by looking full pandora charm bracelets at both the cover score today and whether this will be upheld in a years time, based on analysts expectations. Those that score two or above are seen as secure because they are not over distributing. There is enough money left in the till so that the business can continue to grow.The characteristics of our 11 income sharesThe shares that passed our screening process are not income stalwarts by most investors reckoning. Many do not have long track records for paying dividends. Some names on the list have even trimmed back their payouts in recent years.But most have worked through their previous problems and are now in a much stronger position. Three are housebuilders: Bellway, Crest Nicholson and Bovis Homes. Mr Godber, who owns Bellway, said: businesses have over the past couple of years demonstrated a trend of capital discipline to their shareholders by returning more capital where they can. Historically housebuilders have shown poor capital discipline.This view is shared by Jim Slater, the celebrated investor and Telegraph Money columnist, who last month tipped Aim listed housebuilder Telford Homes as offering value coupled with safetyInsurance and retail shares have made the cut for the same reasons. But Russ Mould, of AJ Bell, the broker, said pandora jewelry new charms despite these shares being in a position there are no guarantees.recent improvements in these company financial performance the forecast cover for the next twelve months could shrink. Both Aviva and Halfords cut their dividends in 2013 in order to fix previous problems. New ones could emerge, and knock their income payments off course," Mr Mould said."Other factors also need to be weighed up, for instance Centamin, a gold mining company, is a relative newcomer to the dividend list, having commenced payments in 2014. The management dividend policy is to pay out around 30pc of cash flow, although this figure will be very sensitive to the gold price, metal output and also the cost of production, so any sudden plunge in the precious metal would be a potential cause for concern.

"Dividend cover is just one check. In an idea world, prospective investors would delve deeper and look at free cash flow, as well as declared profits.look at what is left in the till after the company has paid every claim, including debt interest and dividends, Mr Godber said.

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