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PANDORA Alluring Brilliant Ring 190942CZ official outlet online 05D9385G

Pandora Alluring Brilliant Ring 190942CZ

14 tips for dealing with the Christmas present 'man dash' 'Tis the season to leave everything to the last minute.

Especially if you're a man. Men can't help themselves but ratchet up the Christmas tension by not approaching a shop floor until gold pandora bracelet Father Christmas is almost in the sky, dropping his presents through chimneys across the land. Just one example: sales of Christmas cards captioned 'Wife' or 'Girlfriend' see a massive spike on December 23 and 24, far above any other type of card on the market. The race to stock up on pressies among the male populace has become so marked that it's even acquired a name: the Man Dash. And it has its own place of worship: London's Oxford Street, Europe's longest high street. From now until the last minutes of Christmas Eve, Oxford Street's three miles of shopping becomes the ultimate, one stop shop for men partaking in the yearly Man Dash. But if you're thinking of joining their number, you need a plan. Approach it like a gym workout without the protein shake and Instagram selfie at the end. Precision and perseverance are the names of the game. Follow these easy steps and you be the Christmas shopping equivalent of Usain Bolt by the end. 1. Make a list. It sounds tedious, but get that paper and pen out the night before. Write whom you have to buy for and any ideas, favourite brands or hints they recently made. You could also add the budget for each, next to the name, so that you can keep track of your finances. 2. Start Early. The lie in can wait until Boxing Day. Get up with the lark and start working on finding those perfect gifts. The shops are quieter in the morning; plus this way you leave yourself more time to enjoy a celebratory pint at the end of your quest. 3. Dress for success. You an Olympian shopping athlete for the day. The weak don survive; it survival of the fittest. Wear your most comfortable shoes. There is certainly no time for blisters or hobbling along Oxford Street. 4. Ask for reinforcements. Struggling to think of what to get someone? Expert help is at hand. Selfridges's flagship on Oxford Street offers the Elfridges gift advice service, while Topshop flagship pandora jewery on Oxford Street offers personal shopping to lend you some style advice. If there isn enough time, or they can do it on the day, look for the alphabet charms at Pandora or lettered and initialled gifts. 6. Wrap artist. Don let poor presentation spoil all the effort you made in buying the gift. Wrapping is part of the present, not an afterthought. Seek a professional gift wrapper if you all fingers and thumbs with the Sellotape. John Lewis offers a gift wrap service in their Oxford Street flagship. 7. Get the correct size. If you unsure about sizing whether it be underwear or a ring take a peak at your loved one's favourite item before pandora south australia leaving the house. It should fit them perfectly, so you get the sizing exactly right. Expect a very impressed smile! 8. Pass it on. You bought something during the year that you love or has made your life better/easier. Spread the love by introducing it to one of your friends or family. For men this year, I'm opting for a pair of non iron Incotex trousers from The Slowear Store on South Molton Street. The best trousers you can get. Give the where to buy pandora jewelry gift of low maintenance style! 9. Memories. Impossible Lab at Selfridges prints out Polaroids straight from your smartphone, which means you can enshrine some of 2014's best memories as Christmas presents. Try to think of others too. Part of the Christmas tradition is being charitable. John Lewis has a special seasonal jumper in aid of Barnardo's. 1! there always be the need for an extra present for somebody you forgot or has appeared out of nowhere. You want something inexpensive and to cover as many people, ages and genders as possible. Scented candles are good, or try Lush on South Molton Street for a Christmas box of bath time treats. 11.

Focus. Start on one end of the street and plan a route taking in all the retailers and brands you definitely want to visit. As for the rest, see what catches your eye and how much time you have left.

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